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CPAP Equipment Cleaning Care Checklist

Monday, June 25, 2018 - Caring for CPAP products
VitalAire client sleeping with a cpap machine at his home

As you want to get the most out of your sleep apnea treatment plan, VitalAire is here to offer the best tips to keep your equipment clean and working effectively.  Your CPAP therapy works best and is most effective when your equipment is clean and well-cared for.  Follow these instructions for cleaning your CPAP unit and accessories and remember to contact your VitalAire clinician with any questions you may have.


Mask – Wash the mask cushions / pillows with warm soapy water and leave to dry on a towel. Do not use scented soap nor  dry in direct sunlight. You can use mask wipes if preferred.

Humidifier Chamber – Remove chamber from machine after each use, empty and rinse.  Leave to dry on a towel, not in direct sunlight. Fill with distilled water when ready to reuse. It is very important to clean your humidifier chamber regularly.  Stagnant water grows bacteria which can be blown back into your nasal passages if the chamber is not cleaned daily.


Mask and headgear – Disassemble mask according to manufacturer’s instructions. Submerge mask components and headgear in a basin of water with a few drops of mild dish detergent added; wash well by hand. Rinse all parts with clear water and let dry on a towel (or hanging), not in direct sunlight. Reassemble when dry.

Humidifier Chamber – Disassemble chamber as shown by your VitalAire clinician. Immerse chamber in a basin of warm water with mild dish detergent for 20-30 minutes.  Hand wash.  Then, soak in a solution of 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water for 30 minutes. Rinse well and air dry. Many chambers can be cleaned on the top rack of your dishwasher. Please check your instructions manual for details.

CPAP Tubing/Hose – Submerge in warm soapy water, soak for a few minutes; then rinse with clear water. Hang tubing to dry and ensure it’s fully dry before using. To be sure, attach tubing to mask and CPAP unit and let air flow through before attaching to mask..

Filters – Wash re-usable filters in warm, soapy water.  Rinse in clear water, dry on a towel before re-fitting to machine. Make sure the filters are completely dry.  NOTE: Filters must always be in your CPAP machine when it is in use.

Chin Straps – Wash in a solution of mild dish soap. Rinse with clear water and let dry on a towel.  Do not leave straps to dry in the sun.


Filters – Check filters every month. If you live in a dusty environment, these may need to be changed more regularly than every 6 months.  NOTE: Filters must always be in your CPAP machine when it is in use.

Every 6 months:

Mask Cushion – Replacement recommended

Headgear and Frame – Replacement recommended

Hose – Replacement recommended

Filter – Replacement recommended


Mask – Replacement recommended

CPAP Unit and humidifier – Call VitalAire for an appointment to have your unit assessed.

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