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How to remove CPAP marks from face

Tuesday, November 27, 2018 - CPAP therapy tips
How to get rid of CPAP marks

Have you ever awakened to find red lines across your face left there by your CPAP mask and headgear the night before?

Clients often tell us that “they wish there was a way to prevent cpap marks since at times they may take an hour to fade away.”  A new innovation in accessories is finally making CPAP masks comfortable for those who suffer from CPAP marks.

Is your mask leaving marks on your face?

A mask can be well-fitted but still leave redness and impressions after a night's sleep. Since removing your mask halfway through the night compromises your therapy, a new innovation in comfort CPAP accessories is tackling the issue with clever cushioning that could make discomfort and these annoying facial marks, a thing of the past.

With a minimalist design and ultrasoft material, the Face Cozy makes wearing a CPAP mask a cozier experience. It acts as a skin protector between your skin and CPAP mask and helps eliminate strap marks and dry eyes by limiting the air blowing upwards at your eyes and by softly cushioning the texture and pressure from the straps.

The Face Cozy is made in Canada and is designed to:

  • Help reduce markings and indentations
  • Provide a breathable interface that manages sweating under the CPAP mask
  • Not absorb moisture thanks to its material made of 100% polyester lambskin fleece

Available in 2 sizes to provide the best comfort and fit. Order yours today

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"I've been using Face Cozy for more than a year. Yes, the larger model was a bit too big for my face, but I could adapt since the Face Cozy didn't leave CPAP strap marks on my face. The option to have a Medium size is just terrific. It fits my face, doesn't get in my eyes, exceptionally soft, and I'm a HUGE fan. It washes beautifully. For me, this product is indispensable."

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