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Home oxygen therapy

Continuous clinical and personal support for your oxygen needs

VitalAire is a global leader in home oxygen therapy services and care. Find everything you need to know about home oxygen therapy from products, services, tips and more.

Who needs oxygen therapy

Are you short of breath? We can help. VitalAire is Canada's leading supplier of oxygen therapy services and equipment

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Getting started with oxygen therapy

Whether at the hospital, at home, or at a communal residence, VitalAire will support you every step of the way

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Oxygen therapy services

Learn about our commitment to support you throughout your home oxygen therapy

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Oxygen therapy products

We provide all the equipment you need for your home oxygen therapy, and will ensure your equipment suits your clinical and lifestyle needs.

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Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Enjoy your favourite activities and stay independent with our range of portable oxygen concentrators

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Living with Oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy lets you manage your symptoms and breathe more easily so you can enjoy your everyday activities

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Travelling with oxygen

You can travel with oxygen – just be sure to plan before you go. We will support you in your plans to travel with our presence across Canada

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Oxygen at work

Many people who use home oxygen therapy 24/7 continue to work and have an independent lifestyle. Learn more about how we will support you

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Oxygen safety

Read our tips on maintaining a safe environment while using your home oxygen therapy equipment

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CPAP accessories that can make your cpap therapy more comfortable.

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