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Oxygen at work

Oxygen at work

Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance or advice on our products and services.

Many people continue to work with their oxygen therapy equipment, even if it takes some getting used to at first. At VitalAire, we provide the products and advice you need to continue to work, safely.

Working while on oxygen therapy

If you work, talk with your employer to make necessary changes to your workspace or schedule.

Your employer might:

  • Assign you a parking spot by the door
  • Move your workstation to a more comfortable place
  • Make it safe so you can use oxygen at work
  • Ensure your work environment is smoke-free, clean, ventilated, and unscented
  • Let you use a motorized cart to move about

If you recently started oxygen therapy and wish to keep working, talk to your doctor or other primary healthcare provider to make sure you are well enough.