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VitalAIre's commitment to your confidence and freedom with your home oxygen therapy

Confidence with
Oxygen Therapy at Home

The Oxygen Confidence Commitment

Home oxygen therapy can allow you live life to the fullest. VitalAire is here to enable and support you in getting the most out of your oxygen therapy.

VitalAire's Oxygen Confidence Commitment

Our commitment is to help our patients breathe easier. Our professional staff ensures our patients live better with their respiratory condition through clinical expertise, education, teamwork and a personalized approach.

Oxygen Confidence Commitment


Your healthcare professional believes that you would benefit from home oxygen therapy and has referred you to us, VitalAire. We will contact with you or your caregiver to arrange a visit of our team to assess your oxygen needs in order to provide you with the right equipment.


During the initiation phase, we will visit you to assess both your respiratory and lifestyle needs to determine  the right home oxygen solution for you. This first assessment is key, as it will inform you of your funding options, either through governmental programs or private insurance.


Once your therapy has been initiated, we will partner with  you and your caregiver in order to ensure all your needs are met in terms of therapy, mobility and funding.  You will have access to a respiratory therapist 24/7 to answer all of your questions. You like traveling? Great! We do too! We want you to have the freedom to travel and can support you thanks to our 100 clinics across Canada and to our affiliates across the world.


Home oxygen therapy is like a marathon: it’s long and sometimes discouraging and difficult to navigate. We know that, that’s why we partner with you and your caregiver from the beginning and wherever this journey will take you. We will visit you regularly to deliver your equipment, to assess your needs and to renew your funding as necessary.