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MyAirvo 2 Humidified High Flow Therapy

Using MyAirvo 2 can improve the quality of life for people living with COPD.

Don’t wait for your COPD to progress. Contact us today to see if MyAirvo 2 is right for you.

MyAIRVO II is a small device about the size of a shoebox. Weighing just under 5 lbs (2,2 kg), it is light enough to be easily carried around. The machine generates a high flow of warm and humidified air that delivers hydration to your airway through a comfortable nasal cannula. 

The humidity helps loosen mucus making it easier to expel, keeping your airways clear. Stagnant mucus in the lungs can lead to infections which can cause an exacerbation and even hospitalization.

The high flow of air helps with your breathing. This allows you to slow your breathing and take in deeper breaths. As a result,  you won’t feel as out of breath.

Features and Benefits

  • Lightweight device that delivers heated and humidified air for comfort.
  • Generates up to 60 L/minute of supplementary oxygen to help you breathe easier4 and feel less out of breath1.
  • Can be used during the day, or night, while awake or asleep.
  • Comfortable facial seal for extended daily use.

Who should use MyAirvo?

MyAirvo has shown significant benefits to COPD patients. Specifically for patients who:

Cough up phlegm/mucus
Frequently feel short of breath
Often suffer from sinus or chest infections

Don’t wait for your COPD to progress. Contact us today to see if MyAirvo is right for you.

A prescription from your doctor is required. Rental options available.

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“I’m getting out more ... seeing friends. Today I can take my bike and go for coffee at a friends’ house or meet up in town at a café. I didn’t do that before. ”


“It’s just getting easier to breathe. Normally, I have to exert myself breathing. I don’t have to with the humidifier on.”


PDF iconDownload myairvo_user_manual.pdf (11.4 MB)


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