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New Integrated Medical Oxygen Cylinder TAKEO2

Air Liquide Healthcare has launched TAKEO2™, a new innovative integrated medical oxygen cylinder easier to use, safer and cost effective.

TAKEO2™ is a brand new integrated cylinder bringing a major innovation to the medical oxygen field.

This new generation cylinder combines a built-in pressure regulator and flowmeter, an ergonomic cap and a patented digital gauge, providing healthcare professionals with superior benefits:

Enhanced patient safety by reducing the risk of medical oxygen supply interruption, with an accurate display of cylinder duration time
Improved ease of use, faster set-ups and optimized medical oxygen administration with an ergonomic cap, a practical bed rail hanger and an easy to use flow selector

Greater cost efficiency:

   – through a more effective use of the cylinder contents and a reduction of change over frequency

    – by eliminating the need to purchase regulators and flow meters and the related ongoing maintenance costs