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Oxygen therapy services for your patients

Oxygen therapy services for your patients

Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance or advice on our products and services.

VitalAire offers a range of products and services to support your patients if they require home oxygen therapy.

Hospital to home

We offer a hospital discharge service that provides oxygen for your patients as they make the transition to home.

We can deliver portable oxygen cylinders to the hospital for your patient’s safe and timely discharge, and coordinate home oxygen therapy education with families and caregivers prior to discharge.

Setup of home oxygen therapy

Our oxygen services are delivered in the comfort of your patient’s home by our highly skilled and qualified respiratory therapists and nurses.

We always encourage family members and friends to be involved in the initial oxygen therapy setup, where patients will be educated on the safe and proper use of their oxygen equipment.

Our customer service teams are only a phone call away with 24-hour support.

VitalAire supplies user guides for all the oxygen equipment we provide, and a home oxygen therapy information package with information on safety and common patient questions.

Clinical assessment to ensure the right oxygenation

In most provinces, a VitalAire respiratory therapist will test your patient on the intended oxygen therapy equipment using a titration test and provide oximetry at rest, with exercise or nocturnally. Our therapist will match your patient to the appropriate equipment.

For Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POCs) specifically, testing is critical as pulse dose mode concentrators have a range of settings that are not identical to cylinder flow rates. An additional complexity is the variation in performance specifications of the various models of POCs.

VitalAire can typically provide a range of POCs for evaluation in your patient’s home, as well as an oximetry data collection service to assist you in the accurate titration of your patient’s blood oxygen levels on different devices.

We use only professional grade oximeters to maintain the highest level of clinical accuracy and performance.

Why choose us

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    Our processes & procedures are accredited by Accreditation Canada, the same group that endorses hospitals

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    We follow the most current studies & procedures

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    Integrated service

    We work with you to provide a service that is focused on your patient's needs