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Sleep apnea diagnosis for patients

Sleep apnea diagnosis for patients

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Diagnosing your patients’ Sleep Apnea is important in increasing their overall health and preventing associated complications. In some provinces, simpler cases of sleep apnea may be suitable for a home sleep test while complex cases may require an overnight study in a sleep clinic.

Our sleep diagnostic services

At VitalAire we believe that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a serious yet underdiagnosed condition with severe impacts if left untreated.

To maximize patient outcomes, we provide a comprehensive sleep apnea program from diagnosis to long term treatment. In most provinces we can facilitate home sleep apnea tests, which are typically interpreted by an independent sleep specialist.

VitalAire also provides sleep apnea therapy products and long-term support services, delivered by our respiratory therapists.

If your patients need a sleep apnea diagnosis and live in Ontario or Manitoba, you can refer them to a sleep clinic, which is mandated for CPAP funding in those provinces. In all other provinces, you can contact us and we will arrange for a home sleep study where appropriate.

Home testing

Home-based sleep tests are an effective first line diagnostic tool for patients whose symptoms show a clearer risk of simple sleep apnea.

On the day of the test, a qualified VitalAire sleep technician will meet with your patient to review his or her medical history, explain the test, and educate the patient about sleep apnea.

After the test, an independent sleep specialist will typically review your patient’s clinical history, symptoms, and comorbidities, and interpret and report on the results from the sleep study’s data. The report includes treatment and management recommendations for those patients who have been diagnosed with sleep apnea. A copy of the report will be made available to you.

Home-based sleep studies can be arranged by contacting your local VitalAire office, except in Ontario and Manitoba. Fill out the sleep apnea referral form here.

In-lab testing

Where the patient’s symptoms do not clearly indicate simple obstructive sleep apnea – such as when severe comorbidities complicate the diagnosis, or if your patient might require assistance during the sleep study due to other medical conditions, you may prefer to refer your patient to a lab for an overnight study.  Day time studies are also available for shift workers. In lab testing is the only kind of sleep testing readily available in Ontario and Manitoba.

We work closely with Sleep Labs across Canada to facilitate initial or follow up Sleep testing. Some patients may have more than one Sleep disorder or severe comorbidities. Others may require special titration services to determine the most effective treatment pressure. This is also often done in a sleep lab.

You can also refer your patient to vitalaire here.

Patient comfort during testing

Patients can find the equipment used for both home and in-lab testing a little intimidating. Our respiratory therapist or the sleep technician will support and reassure your patient that the testing process is not unduly uncomfortable. Most patients manage to fall asleep normally.

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