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VitalAire's Sleep Apnea Therapy Program

VitalAire’s Therapy Program

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Strong coaching and support are critical for successful treatment. Our sleep apnea treatment program - the Sleep Health Commitment - is personalized to your patients’ needs for best short and long term chances of success.

Your patients’ success is our concern

We believe – and research shows – that patient education and clinical support can improve sleep apnea therapy outcomes and achieve a better quality of life for your patients.

We commit to

  • Educate patients
  • Collaborate with other healthcare professionals in the circle of care
  • Individualize therapy
  • Promote a clinically-driven process

The Sleep Health Commitment

Ongoing CPAP therapy increases your patient’s energy and can improve other medical conditions.

We help your patients succeed at every stage of their CPAP therapy with a personalized one-on-one approach that improves sleep health and overall well-being.

Our program is designed to provide ongoing education and clinical support over four stages of sleep apnea treatment:

VitalAire's Sleep Health Commitment chart

Assessment stage

About 75% of sleep apnea cases go undiagnosed, and can cause or accelerate long term health conditions like diabetes, congestive heart failure, and obesity.

Our Assessment Program is an accessible diagnostic program that promotes sleep health awareness and education.

When you prescribe a home sleep apnea test, our trained sleep technician will set your patient up with diagnostic equipment, education, and the relevant support.

The data from the test is downloaded, analyzed, and typically interpreted by an independent sleep physician, who also provides a diagnosis with treatment recommendation - which you will receive.

We also work with sleep labs and qualified healthcare professionals to ensure patients with sleep apnea are assessed and treated.

Initiation stage

Many patients may experience trouble adjusting to their CPAP therapy for reasons such as discomfort, embarrassment, inconvenience, skin irritation, or CPAP cost.

Our Therapy Initiation Program is expertly designed to provide one-on-one support and flexibility to patients adjusting to their CPAP therapy, at critical times throughout the initiation period. It includes:

  • Clinical appointments with a respiratory therapist
  • Telemonitoring and systematic follow-ups
  • Wide selection of CPAP machines, masks, & accessories to try
  • Personalized programs and access to professionals for education and troubleshooting
  • Detailed processes to inform patients on step by step markers of success

Therapy stage

This is the real start of your patient’s life-long therapy, and experience shows that establishing good CPAP habits at this stage creates a more successful, compliant sleep apnea treatment.

Our Therapy Program aligns your patient with the right CPAP machine, mask, and accessories based on clinical and lifestyle needs.

To help your patient stay on track, we designed the Essential Health Program to offer the right hygiene and comfort accessories when your patient needs them. We also provide regular communication and tips on living with CPAP to ensure your patient feels engaged and supported.

At VitalAire we regularly bring our team of 250+ respiratory therapists together to exchange insights on patient support, learn from each other, and discuss emerging needs of Canadian healthcare practitioners like yourself - in our patients’ circle of care.

At VitalAire we are experts on CPAP therapy, and design therapy programs that are fully compliant with the Canadian Thoracic Society.

Adherence & StayWell Support Program

Long-term compliance or adherence to therapy can be a challenge. VitalAire’s proactive communication approach helps ensure your patients’ CPAP therapy success.

Many patients stop using CPAP once they feel better, thinking that they are cured - but sleep apnea is typically a life-long condition requiring long-term adherence.

Through the StayWell Support Program, we commit to follow-up with your patients at key points in their therapy, educate on optimal fitting of equipment and CPAP maintenance routine, and help patients update their equipment as needed. We also provide education on living with CPAP therapy in VitalAire’s SleepTalk™, our monthly e-newsletter.

Our 35 years of experience providing CPAP therapy services Canada wide have built a long, well-established foundation in our treatment approach, which will benefit your patients.

Why choose us

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    Integrated service

    We work with you to provide a service that is focused on your patient's needs

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    Our Respiratory therapists have access to the newest CPAP equipment, and are trained to find the right fit for your patients

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    There for you

    Our therapists and support teams genuinely care about your patients' health and well-being and will help them build their confidence throughout their journey