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R2109 Recall

July 23, 2021 

On June 14, 2021, medical device manufacturer Philips Respironics issued a Field Safety Notice regarding the recall of several of its respiratory and ventilator device models currently on the market due to the health risks associated with their use. Full details of the recall are available on the Philips Respironics website:

We realize that for many patients and clients, ensuring the continuity of treatment is crucial to their health and wellbeing. In contrast to Philip Respironics’ instructions to discontinue use of the affected devices, we recommend our patients do not discontinue their treatment without seeking advice from their physician first.

Most of the relevant learned medical associations for respiratory diseases, along with health authorities around the world recommend continuing treatment, regardless of the type of device and consulting your physician. The Canadian Sleep Society is recommending an individualized decision after discussion with the physician when an alternative device can’t be secured in a timely manner. For your safety, we recommend you seek medical advice regarding your treatment continuum. 

VitalAire Canada Inc. is dedicated to helping its patients and clients and will limit the inconveniences linked to the Philips Respironics device recall. Our team is closely monitoring the situation with Philips Respironics and will maintain continued communication with you as this situation evolves.

As part of our efforts to support our patients, we have registered with Philips Respironics, on behalf of our patients and clients, the serial numbers of all affected devices sold by VitalAire Canada Inc. to ensure these units are taken into consideration as part of the repair/replacement program under development. To prevent double registration, please do not go to the Phillips Respironics website to register your device.

If your device is affected by the recall, we require that you acknowledge you are aware of the recall and provide us with critical information to schedule the repair or replacement of your device.

Acknowledge Here

Please fill in the form by September 1, 2021. 

If you require assistance filling out this form, please contact us through this toll-free phone number 1-844-726-2727 available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 Local time. Once we have further information from Philips Respironics on the repair/replacement program, we will contact you regarding the replacement or repair of your device and provide support throughout this process.

Best Regards
VitalAire Canada Inc.