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‘Show Us Your Lungs’ campaign

Air Liquide Healthcare is a proud industry supporter of the Lung Foundation Australia (LFA), whose ‘Show Us Your Lungs’ campaign won Gold at the International Stevie Awards.

As a partner of the Lung Foundation Australia (LFA), Air Liquide Healthcare was proud to support the ‘Show Us Your Lungs’ campaign, helping to raise awareness of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

Over 2.1 million Australians currently have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Of these over 1.2 people will have a sufficiently progressed stage of COPD that it is already affecting activities of daily life that affect their everyday lives. Find out more.

We have been in partnership with the LFA since 2001, supporting its programs to raise awareness and provide education on COPD. The ‘Show Us Your Lungs’ campaign, launched by the LFA on 10th October 2011, encouraged Australians to consult a doctor and be screened for COPD if there was any indication of having this condition.

This innovative campaign generated awareness through a variety of different mediums including TV and radio news as well as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

To mark world COPD day, free spirometry screening for the condition was organised in several major cities. Air Liquide Healthcare distributed over 1,000 ‘Show Us Your Lungs’ badges to healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics specialising in respiratory pathologies.

We are very proud to announce that the ‘Show Us Your Lungs’ campaign won Gold at the International Stevie Awards; one of the most prestigious business and marketing awards in the world. The annual awards received 3,200 entries this year from over 50 countries and this campaign won the award for the Best Community Program. The awards will be presented at a ceremony in Seoul, Korea in November this year.

For more information see the Lund Foundation: