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CPAP therapy products

CPAP therapy products

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CPAP machines and supplies are important to use regularly, even when you travel, to ensure that you are getting the most out of your CPAP therapy.

CPAP machines

VitalAire is a leader in providing APAP, BiPAP and CPAP supplies made by the primary manufacturers including ResMed, Philips Respironics and Fisher & Paykel.  

All CPAP machines operate in a similar way. For optimal therapy you require three main components – a CPAP machine, an air tube and a CPAP mask. The differences between the systems come down to treatment algorithms, mask styles and fits, remote connectivity and other usability and comfort features.

We also have APAP and BiPAP machines in case your therapy requires them.

CPAP Masks

CPAP masks are worn while you sleep. They usually have a soft cushion that comes into contact with your skin and use a strap, or straps, to hold them snugly against your face. The CPAP masks come in a variety of configurations including nasal pillows, which rest against your nostrils, nasal masks, which cover your nose, and full-face masks which cover your nose and mouth. Each CPAP mask has its own unique features. It is possible to mix-and-match CPAP masks and CPAP machines.

We recommend that you visit our clinic to experience the different CPAP machines and get a mask fitted before committing to one product.

Hygiene and comfort accessories

Once you know which CPAP machine and mask work best for you, your VitalAire therapist can help you find the right accessories and parts for your machine and mask.

Accessories include:

  • A heated humidifier that warms and moistens the air you breathe and helps prevent a dry throat or nasal passages
  • Heated wire tubing to provide high humidity comfortably
  • Travel converters, power cords and cases for travelling with your CPAP machine
  • CPAP pillows that let you sleep on your side with ease while using a CPAP mask
  • CPAP Mask and machine replacement parts like cushions, headgear, straps, hoses and filters
  • Chin straps, or chin restraints, to hold your mouth closed to prevent the dry mouth that CPAP therapy might cause
  • Hose guard to protect the hose from kinks and damage
  • Hose lift to hold the hose above you in bed, making it easier to turn at night
  • Specially designed cleaners and wipes to clean your masks and accessories
  • Hypoallergenic filters to clean the air you breathe

How to maintain your CPAP devices, masks and accessories

Each manufacturer has specific cleaning guidelines for their CPAP supplies – particularly the cushion between the mask and the face, which can be quite fragile.

We also put together a short list of tips and best practices on cleaning your CPAP.


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