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Changing care. With Value-based Healthcare.

VitalAire is a proud member of the Air Liquide group of companies. Air Liquide Healthcare is a forerunner in the field of Value-Based Healthcare. We believe that Value-Based Healthcare enables a sustainable and future-proof design of healthcare.

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First the person, then the patient

Air Liquide Healthcare is a pioneer in the field of value-based healthcare (VBHC) in Canada. We aim  toward a new healthcare approach where patients feel heard and experience a higher quality of care.

With our unrivaled patient-centric position, we provide flexible and personalized care pathways allowing each and everyone to benefit from better health outcomes and quality of life.

We empower and support our patients to improve self-care and help them to preserve their autonomy. With the ambition to increase patients’ outcomes, we minimize deterioration of their conditions and aim toward our ultimate goal of improving their quality of life.

Our teams understand what matters most to patients and are capable of providing personalized support thanks to our capacity to interact with patients at each moment of the care pathway. This allows us to have updated clinical data to share with healthcare professionals to improve the overall care management. 


Value Based Healthcare


Our staff has a sense of purpose and is the main protagonist of the collective transformation of the healthcare system for chronic patients by generating value for each interaction with our patients and healthcare stakeholders.


We are committed to a patient-centric approach, putting them at the heart of what we do. With a unique and empathetic understanding of patients’ needs, and thanks to our unrivaled proximity, we are capable of providing personalized support with the aim to improve the outcomes that matter most to them.


By aligning all the healthcare stakeholders around patients' outcomes, we can play a key role to make the healthcare system more sustainable for the future, by delivering a better quality of care for patients

In the coming period, VitalAire will focus on scaling up VBHC in collaboration with healthcare professionals. Their experience and feedback are key enablers of the VBHC approach. Together we can tailor care to match the preferences of the patient and provide personalized care. That is what we strive for every day, because our patients are more than their illness and their therapy.

Would you like to know more about Value-Based Healthcare and how VitalAire can support you in implementing this new way of providing healthcare? Contact us for all your questions.



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