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ACT for a sustainable future

Air Liquide has long been working to combine growth with concern for the environment and society. Air Liquide contributes through its environmental and societal actions and commitments, wherever it can make a real difference.

Air Liquide has a growth trajectory

This means performing steadily in the present and preparing well for the future thanks to a deeply resilient and diversified business model. Performance and Sustainability are therefore both core to our strategy.

It also means supporting our customers and patients and addressing the urgency of climate change and societal transformation.

Our ambition going forward is to make a meaningful difference.

Inventing and shaping the future with state of the art technologies, operational competences and services close to customers or patients, has always been in our DNA.

But it is clear today that the role of a company like ours goes beyond this. As a matter of fact we all share - States, companies and individuals - the responsibility and the mission of building a sustainable future.

Let's ACT for a sustainable future!

1 Committed to improving your life

At VitalAire, our goal is to improve the lives of our patients. Our team and our health professionals will partner with you and your loved ones to develop a  personalized therapy plan. We will work with you and support you throughout your journey. 

2 Experienced and Qualified

Our health care professionals are accredited, well-educated and experienced. Our qualified team delivers a patient experience tailored to your health needs. In the pursuit of our purpose, we are guided by strong processes & procedures that are accredited by Accreditation Canada.

3 Always by your side

Throughout your journey, we will support you and deliver flexible and personalized care pathways allowing each and everyone to benefit from better health outcomes and quality of life. Our team will work closely with you and your healthcare team to ensure your therapy success.

4 Technology

As an innovator, we offer the latest technologies that provide therapy options so we can enhance your treatment and our services. As part of the Air Liquide Group, all devices are tested and reviewed to meet our rigorous quality standards  and the requirements of Health Canada.