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Living with Sleep Apnea

Start therapy today. Feel better tomorrow.

Starting anything new can be hard at the beginning. CPAP therapy may take a few nights to start to feel comfortable, but with the help of our sleep professionals, we will ensure you start on the right foot before you leave our clinic doors. 

The benefits of therapy reach far beyond the time and effort it takes to start and use your CPAP therapy nightly. 


We are here to help you!

At VitalAire, our sleep professionals will match you with a CPAP machine and mask that is best suited to treat your sleep apnea and unique needs. To get you started, our sleep professionals will help educate you on the four main components required for your CPAP therapy.  

  • Device
    A quiet device that uses mild air pressure to keep airways open.

  • Humidifier
    Adds humidity providing extra comfort to your treatment.

  • Mask
    Placed over your nose or mouth (or both) while you sleep.

  • Tubing
    Connects the mask to your CPAP machine.

To ensure your success, use these 5 daily tips: 

  • Use your CPAP therapy every time you sleep. 
  • Make sure your mask fits properly every night. 
  • Add fresh water to your humidifier every night for added comfort. 
  • Regularly clean your device, mask, and accessories to reduce bacteria build-up and ensure components continue to function properly. 
  • Time and patience are key to success: Remember that CPAP therapy when used correctly will help improve your quality of life. 

Connect with our sleep healthcare professionals anytime, we are here to help you succeed. 

Caring for your CPAP

It is important to clean and maintain your CPAP device regularly to maximize the benefits of your treatment.



How to take care of your CPAP

Traveling with your CPAP

No matter where you travel you can enjoy the same great quality sleep!

Traveling with my CPAP


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