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Oxygen therapy equipment

Oxygen therapy equipment

Do not hesitate to contact us for any assistance or advice on our products and services.

Our equipment is all CSA-approved and we rigorously test and evaluate before offering it to your patients to ensure reliability and safety - at home or at a medical facilities.

Depending on your patient’s needs, we can provide stationary or portable oxygen concentrators as well as oxygen tanks, along with a complete range of comfort accessories to support your patients.

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The right oxygen therapy products and services can dramatically improve your patients’ quality of  life.

Oxygen tanks (cylinders)

A wide selection of oxygen cylinders with gas volume ranging from 164L to 7080L is available.

Oxygen tanks (cylinders)

A wide selection of oxygen cylinders with gas volume ranging from 164L to 7080L is available

Portable oxygen cylinders

Our portable medical oxygen cylinders weigh as little as 2.2 kg to facilitate patient mobility.


We provide simple regulators to regulate the flow of oxygen, designed for easier patient use

Oxygen conserving devices (OCDs)

OCDs can substantially extend the use of a medical oxygen cylinder, by releasing oxygen only when the patient inhales.

Stationary concentrators

We have a variety of stationary concentrators to meet your patient’s therapy needs with the latest models of 5 lpm and 10 lpm concentrators.

Portable concentrators

Portable concentrators are discreet and lightweight – weighing as little as 1.3 kg. They’re suitable for patients with an active lifestyle.


We utilize high-quality oximeters for accurate monitoring that are especially sensitive for your mobile patients.


We provide all the accessories patients need – cannulas, masks, replacement tubing and special oxygen delivery interfaces.


Why choose us

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    Integrated service

    We work with you to provide a service that is focused on your patient's needs

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    With over 45 years of experience in respiratory care, we serve your patients with integrity and knowledge

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    Coast-to-coast support network/Local

    With presence all across Canada, we can support you locally and when you travel

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