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Contour CPAPMax Pillow

Thursday, June 14, 2018 - Product spotlight
Contour CPAPMax Pillow 2.0

Reduce CPAP mask leaks, minimize mask pressure and sleep more comfortably with CPAP!

Good sleep depends on many factors, and one of them is your pillow. Regular pillows may interfere with CPAP mask performance. That’s why the CPAPMax Pillow is shaped to offer a better mask accommodation and great comfort.

  • Innovative 2 in 1 design lets you choose a plush memory foam surface, or flip pillow over for traditional breathable and soft feel.
  • Now includes a removable 3/4″ foam layer so you control your pillow thickness
  • Experience a cooler sleep experience
  • Reduce heat and perspiration while you sleep

Tags: Sleep apnea

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