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CPAP after getting diagnosed with a heart condition

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 - Stories from our clients
CPAP user not tired anymore after CPAP therapy testimonial

“There are many events in a lifetime that can make dramatic changes in our lives. I had a heart condition diagnosed and it had been treated by a Dr. here in my hometown and things were slowly improving. I was prescribed a VitalAire CPAP machine and I started to wear it. My sleep was uninterrupted for at least six to seven hours every night. I was feeling much better with much more energy and awareness. The machine has changed my life. To truly rest and dream at night has been such a pleasure. To be refreshed and ready for the next day has given me a new outlook. The machine goes everywhere I go and on vacation with me".

- F. W.
A happy VitalAire CPAP client

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