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CPAP Hose Cover

Wake up feeling refreshed with the added comfort from a hose cover. 

A hose cover is a great solution if you live in a cooler, dry-air climate and require additional moisture to provide a more comfortable sleep. A hose cover may also help to prevent a phenomenon called rainout in CPAP tubing. Rainout occurs when warm air traveling from the heated humidifier to the mask starts to cool, forming condensation on the inside of the hose. This can cause water to pool, making a gurgling sound which can also cause the water to splatter the face. By insulating the hose, the air remains warm as it travels, decreasing the rainout effect and providing more peaceful sleep.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fits all standard CPAP tubing
  • Easy to install
  • Soft brushed cotton material
  • Ability to tighten at both ends, keeping the hose snug all night long 


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