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Philips respironics water chamber

Water Chamber

Essential for your heated CPAP hose

Humidity is an important part of your CPAP therapy, as it increases your comfort and prevents your nasal passage and throat from becoming dry or stuffy during CPAP therapy.
F&P Sleepstyle water chamber
SleepStyle CPAP water chamber

Most of our CPAP machines come with a reusable water chamber (all but a few of the portable CPAP machines which rely on other means for waterless humidifcation). 

Water chambers can be opened and cleaned easily. Some are even dishwasher safe but we recommend you confirm it with us at the time of purchase, or look in the manufacturer's instructions manual.

Here are a few recommendations for your water chamber:

  • Always use distilled water.
  • Empty and rinse your water chamber daily.
  • Clean it using warm water with mild dish detergent every week.
  • Replace it when you notice leaks, buildup of minerals or discoloration of the plastic. This generally occurs after 6 months of use.
  • Having a spare water chamber at all time is a good idea.