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Transcend travel CPAP Machine

Transcend® CPAP

Transcend travel CPAP & APAP machines

The Transcend is an excellent, tiny, portable CPAP machine - about the size of a soda can - providing high quality sleep apnea therapy for when you are on the go.

VitalAire offers the Transcend travel CPAP & APAP machines for your convenience, so you can sleep well anywhere you go. With a portable battery option the size of a deck of cards and easy packing design, these travel machines are built for economic convenience.

When you visit a VitalAire clinic, our respiratory therapists will ask a series of questions and let you trial different options, to help you choose between the different travel CPAP machines available.
Transcend CPAP machine fits in your hand
Transcend CPAP machine fits in your palm

Transcend mini models


This Transcend travel CPAP machine is fully-featured and designed for your mobile lifestyle. It is small, weighs less than one pound and offers TranSync compatibility so you can track your progress on your desktop.

Transcend EZEX™ Mini CPAP

The Transcend EZEX portable CPAP machine offers EZEX technology for pressure relief on exhalation, and greater breathing comfort. Like the Transcend Mini CPAP, it is small and weighs less than a pound. It also syncs your sleep data through TranSync.


The Transcend AUTO is a travel APAP machine with pressure relief technology. It continuously monitors your breathing patterns and adapts to your changing therapy needs throughout the night.


Convenient, free, and easy-to-use, the TranSync technology makes it simple to monitor your CPAP therapy progress.

  • Gives you access to therapy data anywhere, anytime
  • Lets you share data with your healthcare team


  • Small, fully-featured travel APAP & CPAP machines
  • Pressure relief technology for easier, more natural breathing
  • TranSync compatibility
  • Innovative for a highly mobile lifestyle
  • Weighs less than one pound

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    Our Respiratory therapists have access to the newest CPAP equipment, and are trained to find the right fit for you

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    You can rely on us to support your CPAP therapy at every step of the way

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    There for you

    Our therapists and support teams genuinely care about your health and well-being and will help build your confidence throughout your journey