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Fisher & Paykel Vitera CPAP mask

Fisher & Paykel Vitera

F&P full face mask

The Vitera mask features unique technologies designed to provide you with comfort throughout the night; including a gentle seal designed to adapt when moving. The F&P Vitera features the RollFit™ XT seal, new VentiCool™ headgear, and a low-profile stability bar. 

Key Features:

  • The RollFit XT seal allows you to move freely while you change sleeping positions while maintaining a comfortable seal and minimizing leaks
  • The Vitera headgear featuring VentiCool technology is designed to allow heat and moisture to escape through the fabric to help keep you cool and comfortable during sleep
  • Vitera features a low-profile stability bar designed to keep the seal in place, minimizing mask leaks and enhancing comfort
  • The unique forehead clip keeps your forehead straps together for easy disassembly and reassembly while also reducing the chance of headgear tangling
  • The adjustable headgear features forehead and crown straps which provide you with easy and personalized sizing