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Heated CPAP Tube CozyTube & CozyLine

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Now available for Loewenstein Prisma Smart & Soft PAP devices

Introducing the Heated CPAP Tube CozyTube & CozyLine, made specifically for Loewenstein Prisma Smart & Soft PAP devices! 

Elevate your CPAP experience with this  newly designed heated hose, providing added support and comfort. Say goodbye to discomfort caused by condensation inside the CPAP hose, as the heated tubing effectively offsets temperature variations between your bedroom and the air in the hose. Installation is a breeze, ensuring ease of use for a seamless integration into your therapy routine. 

The benefits are clear: Custom-made for Loewenstein Prisma PAP devices. Effortless installation and user-friendly design. Maintains consistent humidity and temperature levels for optimal comfort. - Minimizes unwanted condensation, enhancing the quality of your therapy throughout the night. The transparent tube wall facilitates easy identification of any soiling, allowing you to keep your therapy equipment impeccably clean. Experience the assurance of a comfortable CPAP therapy journey with your Löwenstein Medical CPAP device, thanks to the advanced features and benefits of the Heated CPAP Tube CozyTube & CozyLine.


Experience added support with the new heated hose designed to make your breathing therapy even more comfortable. 

Heated tubing helps to offset the temperature difference between the air in your  bedroom and the air in your CPAP hose, which can cause condensation inside the hose causing discomfort in your therapy.

Features & Benefits

  • Specifically made for Loewenstein Prisma PAP devices 

  • Easy to install and use

  • Consistent humidity and temperature level designed for your utmost comfort

  • Reduction of unwanted condensation during the night 

  • Transparent tube wall makes it easy to recognise soiling so that you can keep an eye on the cleanliness of your therapy equipment at all times.


  • Thanks to this heated hose you will enjoy a comfortable CPAP therapy with your Loewenstein Medical CPAP device.

    *You can purchase in 2 different ways. Hose and adapter or just hose (for replacement)

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