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Oxygen therapy products

Oxygen therapy products

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VitalAire provides all the equipment you need for your oxygen therapy. As your healthcare partner, we’re here to help you breathe easier.

Using an oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank can feel overwhelming at first. We’re here to support you and work with your doctor to ensure you get the right equipment you need to improve your quality and length of life.

Oxygen therapy products

How can we help? We have a range of oxygen therapy products to make your life easier.

Oxygen Concentrators

Oxygen concentrators filter oxygen from the air around you and deliver it to your nose through a soft plastic tube (cannula) - either directly or through a mask. They’re often called home oxygen concentrators because they are sturdy and can provide a continuous flow of oxygen, 24/7. VitalAire offers a variety of oxygen concentrators to meet your therapy needs.   

Portable Oxygen Concentrators (POC)

Portable oxygen concentrators work like home oxygen concentrators but they are smaller, lighter, and run on a battery. They are discrete and let you stay active while on oxygen therapy. The air flow from portable oxygen concentrators is typically limited and therefore their use is reserved for going out. Many oxygen patients have a home oxygen concentrator and a portable oxygen concentrator for going out.

Liquid Oxygen Tanks

Liquid oxygen is oxygen gas that has been cooled down to a very low temperature to the point of becoming liquid. As a liquid it has less volume - so more oxygen fits inside an oxygen tank. Liquid oxygen is typically useful for people who live in more remote areas or whose doctor prescribed a higher dose of oxygen. If you need liquid oxygen, we deliver it to most areas in Canada.

Oxygen Tanks (Cylinders)

Oxygen tanks contain compressed oxygen gas and can be used virtually anywhere. When needed, we deliver full oxygen tanks and pick up your empties at regular intervals. We offer different oxygen tank sizes to meet your therapy needs.

TransFill Home system

A TransFill Home System is made up of a home oxygen concentrator that gives you a continuous flow of oxygen, and a cylinder fill station that lets you repeatedly fill up an empty portable tank with oxygen. This way you have oxygen at home, and a portable oxygen tank for going out.


We provide all the accessories you need - from cannulas to masks and replacement tubing, as well as a wide range of specialty products.

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