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How to take care of your CPAP

Make cleaning of your CPAP mask and equipment part of your regular routine.

Download our CPAP therapy maintenance guide for tips on cleaning and replacing your CPAP equipment.

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Clean your CPAP Mask - Every week

  • Disassemble the mask according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Submerge the mask components in a sink or a container of water and wash the mask by hand using an unscented mild soap.
  • Rinse all parts with water and dry with a towel or leave to air dry but keep out of direct sunlight.
  • Reassemble the mask when all parts are dry. 

Mask Replacement - Every 6 months  

  • Your mask should be replaced every 6 months for hygienic reasons and to ensure a proper mask fit for optimal therapy.

Clean your CPAP Hose - Every week

For optimal use therapy, your CPAP hose should be cleaned weekly.

  • To clean, submerge your tubing/hose in warm water and unscented mild soap. Soak for 10 to 15 minutes and then rinse with water. Hang tubing to dry and ensure it’s fully dry before use.

Hose Replacement - Every 6 months

  • Your hose experiences regular wear and tear each night and over time it can become damaged. Regularly inspect the ends of the hose to notice any stretching and damage. Replace the tube if it shows any signs of damage. 

Clean your humidifier/water chamber at least once per week

It is important to clean your humidifier water chamber regularly. Stagnant water in the chamber can breed bacteria, which can be breathed in when using your CPAP device.

  • After each use, remove the chamber from the machine, empty the water and rinse the chamber out.
  • Dry the chamber with a towel or leave it to air dry, but keep it out of direct sunlight.
  • Re-fill the chamber with distilled water and attach it back to the machine.

Replace Humidifier - Annually 

  • Even with regular cleaning, your humidifier will start to have bacteria buildup which may be inhaled and can cause illness.

Mask cushions

Clean cushions - Daily

  • Wash the mask cushion or seal with warm water and unscented mild soap. Leave it to dry on a towel and out of direct sunlight. Alternatively, you can clean your mask with mask wipes. 

Replace cushions - Every 6 months 

  • Replace your mask cushion or seal every 6 months to maintain the proper mask fit and reduce leakage. 

Air Filters

Clean filters - Every week

  • Wash and rinse your reusable filter in warm water. Leave to dry on a towel. It’s important that your filter is completely dry before inserting it back into the machine. NOTE: A filter must always be in your CPAP machine when it is in use.

Replace filters - Every 3 Months

  • If you live in a dusty environment or have seasonal allergies, you may want to replace your filter more frequently than the recommended 3 months. 

Chin Straps and Headgear

Clean straps and headgear - Every week

  • Wash your headgear in warm water and unscented mild soap. Rinse with water and leave to dry on a towel and out of direct sunlight.

Replace straps and headgear - At least once per year

  • Replace your headgear at least once per year. Over time the headgear will stretch, reducing its effectiveness to maintain a proper mask fit.
Regular maintenance and replacement of your CPAP equipment will ensure you can continue to enjoy the benefits of good therapy and restorative sleep!


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