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Using CPAP but still tired?

Published on October 03, 2022

2 minutes

It is not uncommon to start feeling daytime sleepiness, headaches, irritability, snoring or other sleep apnea symptoms months or years after a period of successful CPAP therapy. This is often a sign that something is not quite right with your CPAP therapy.  

Different factors can cause this gradual change including:

  • Wear and tear of your CPAP equipment
  • Your physique: weight, allergies, facial features and overall health
  • Your sleep habits
  • Side effects from other medication
  • Your changing pressure needs or a drift of your CPAP pressure

Have a professional assess your CPAP

Having your sleep needs re-examined by a clinical professional can resolve your symptoms and improve your experience and comfort.

After discussing your symptoms, the clinical professional can reconfigure your pressure settings or suggest a comfort accessory, like a heated tube, to tackle specific symptoms such as a dry throat. They will assess your equipment in case you need replacement and answer all your questions, from good sleep habits to cleaning and maintaining your equipment and more.

At VitalAire we have designed programs to ensure you have the support that you need along your CPAP journey. 

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