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Paul and Alice both struggled for many years.

Read about Paul and Alice's journey in regaining their health, improving their marriage, and getting their lives back.

After many years of suffering and respiratory concerns, both Paul and Alice are relieved and can sleep peacefully at night.

What was the first sign of sleep apnea?

Paul: Every morning I would wake up feeling tired, I often found myself exhausted by 10 am and had a recurring headache. I wasn't aware that these signs were caused by sleep apnea. 

Alice: For as long as I can remember, I had been awoken by his snoring each night- I couldn't sleep because of the noise. Paul often took a nap before lunch and seemed to be irritated rather easily. I was concerned for Paul's safety, so I started sharing my concerns with friends. A close friend told both Paul and I that he was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and had many of the same symptoms. From that moment on, I started researching sleep apnea online. I started to pay more attention at night and found that Paul would pause his breathing and would often wake up for short periods. I knew it was time to speak with our family doctor. 

What did your family doctor recommend?

Paul: After a few simple questions, our family doctor recommended that I complete a Home Sleep Apnea Test. Upon completion of the test, I was diagnosed with OSA. Alice and I were both shocked by the results! We immediately decided to seek treatment and have felt relieved since.

Alice: During the sleep test, we found out that Paul stopped breathing dozens of times, for 30 or 40 seconds at a time. During his test night, he nearly stopped breathing for a total period of an hour. After speaking with a sleep consultant, we realized that this was depriving his brain of oxygen and putting a strain on his heart. 

How has OSA treatment changed your everyday life?

Paul: Everyday day I wake up feeling refreshed! I have more energy for Alice, my work, and our family. I feel great and wish I had sought treatment sooner. 

Alice: I wake every day feeling relieved, I know Paul's health is stable and not without further damage. I am no longer being woken during the night by his snoring and I'm proud of Paul's courage and perseverance.

Is it challenging to sleep with a CPAP mask and device? 

Paul: After about a week I felt more comfortable using my mask and started to notice the benefits. Our sleep clinician spent time with me to ensure a proper mask fit and that I was comfortable before we left the clinic.

Alice: Before Paul started therapy I was concerned about the sound of the device. Our sleep clinician showed us several devices and I was surprised to learn how quiet they are. During the night, the machine sounds similar to a low operating fan and I never feel any air pressure, even if Paul and I are facing each other. 

Many worry about their intimate relationship while on CPAP therapy.

Paul: I was concerned at first, but feeling great all day and having more energy has benefited both of us individually and our relationship. 

Alice: Nothing has changed for us, other than Paul has more energy and we both feel as if we have more time and patience for each other. 

What tips and advice you would suggest for living with OSA?

Paul: I would encourage some with symptoms to speak with their medical professional sooner than later. The impacts are very worrying and starting treatment has been a great experience. I have started a few new daily habits to focus on my health, I feel happier and look forward to each day.

Alice: Now that we understand the impacts of untreated sleep apnea, we both agree we should have sought treatment earlier. Together we have more energy and even have had time to start a new workout plan and made changes to our daily eating habits.

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