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Top Sleep Apnea CPAP Masks

Published on August 29, 2022

4 minutes

Your CPAP machine and mask can make the difference between nighttime restlessness and a good night’s sleep. As a piece of medical equipment, you want to ensure that you have the best options available to you. The better the parts, the better the therapy will work for you.

The Right Fit

The first step to better sleep is ensuring your CPAP mask fits correctly. Of course, this can vary somewhat depending on the kind of mask you choose, as well as your sleeping habits. However, there are a few rules of thumb. First, the mask should be snug but not too tight. You can tell that the fit is adequate when the mask creates a seal and no air leaks out (except from the ventilation holes)—but not all ‘adequate’ fitting masks are comfortable, and vice versa. The perfect mask should give you both seal and comfort. Your therapist will be able to make sure you have the right mask and fit.

It’s also important to note that CPAP masks don’t follow standardized sizing. Sizes range from petite to extra-large, but the exact dimensions can vary depending on the brand. Some brands are designed to fit wider faces, and others are made for narrow faces.

What’s The Best CPAP Mask for You?

When it comes to CPAP masks, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution; that’s why it’s essential to find the one that best suits your needs. Today, we’re going to discuss a variety of face masks that can improve your quality of sleep.


Nasal Pillow Masks

Nasal Masks 

Full Face Masks 


Nasal Pillow Masks are some of the lightest CPAP masks as they cover only the nostrils. These masks provide minimal coverage,  which is ideal for patients who may feel claustrophobic using full face masks or who want a clear field of vision to read before sleep 


Designed for comfort and sweat-wicking, this lightweight model minimizes indentation and redness caused by prolonged wear. This Brevida mask also comes with a washable diffuser, which helps to reduce noise and air draft blowing onto your sleep partner. 

AirFit P10

With its lightweight build, this mask helps maintain minimal facial contact and freedom of movement while working quietly and effectively. It also features a split-strap headgear design and unique anti-snore properties.


Created for softness and comfort, thanks to its self-adjusting SpringFit frame and top-of-head tubing. You can easily remove the frame from the tubing when getting up at night and making it easy to clean.

True to their name, Nasal Masks cover the entire nose and are ideal for patients who move around a lot in their sleep. They use the nose to keep from shifting during sleep so are more stable.


This Fisher & Paykel mask features unique CapFit technology, making it streamlined yet comfortably fitted and flexible for maximum comfort.

Eson 2

The Eson 2’s washable diffuser helps to reduce noise and air draft, and its intuitive fit makes for super easy wear and assembly/disassembly.

AirFit N20

The silicone face cushion creates a form-fitting seal, while its fabric-lined frame is perfect for comfortable nightwear and sweat absorption. It’s ideal for accommodating sleeper movement,and is as gentle and quiet, as it is effective.


Dreamwear’s streamlined design allows maximum comfort and movement while reducing irritation and red marks, allowing airflow to move directly through its flexible silicone frame.

Full face CPAP masks cover both the mouth and nose. These CPAP mask types are ideal for individuals with congestion, making it difficult to breathe through the nose.

AirFit F30

Like its nasal counterpart, this mask is super comfortable and makes for a comfortable sleep, even for sleepers who move around. 


Breathable fabric and Vitera’s patented RollFit technology make this device cool, comfortable, and able to adapt to a wide range of movement.


Unlike the other full-face CPAP masks, this Dreamwear device has top of the head tubing and a flexible silicone frame. Not only does it provide excellent comfort and quiet, but it also protects your bed partner from uncomfortable air leakage.

Mirage Quattro

Incredibly versatile, allowing the wearer to choose between 24 different forehead support positions. It also features extra cushioning, magnetic clips for easy removal and a design that can suit every facial structure.

Choosing the right mask for you and fitting it correctly isn’t always easy. That’s why our Sleep Health Professionals are here to help. Contact us today to find your perfect mask and improve your quality of sleep… and life.