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Full face CPAP mask cushion

Mask Cushions

Prevents leaks and enhances comfort

The CPAP cushion is perhaps the most important part of a CPAP mask, as it prevents leaks and enhances comfort throughout the night.
AirFit F20 memory foam CPAP cushion
Memory foam on the ResMed AirTouch F20

Three main types of cushions are available, depending on your needs and your CPAP mask:

  • Memory Foam – The ResMed AirTouch F20 is the only mask today that uses memory foam, which mould to the shape of your face. It offers an extremely comfortable full face CPAP experience.
  • Air cushions – the CPAP pressure is used to self-inflate, creating an effective yet gentle seal on your face. Some masks that use this cushion are the BrevidaEson, Swift FXPilairo)
  • Hybrid silicone and air cushions – they provide a nice “sealed” feeling on the face and remain relatively lightweight. Some masks that use this type of cushion are the DreamWearSimplusQuattro Air
  • Gel cushions – they provide great comfort and give you a good seal. They feel slightly heavier than other cushions. Some masks that use this type of cushion are the Amara GelComfort Gel

All three types of cushions work well and are preferable for different face shapes and personal preferences. For this reason, there is no universal "one mask fits all” solution, and our clinician will help you get fitted with the best kind for your needs. 

F&P Brevida mask in use
The Brevida uses a comfortable well-sealed silicone cushion

Replacing your mask cushion

At VitalAire, our experience is that most mask cushions deteriorate and soften after about six months due to daily wear and the effect of natural facial oils.

When mask cushions begin wearing out, many people make the error of simply tightening their headgear. This can make it harder to get a seal and could lead to a decreased quality of sleep or therapy complications such as pressure sores. That’s why we recommend replacing your mask cushion every 6 months.

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