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Loewenstein Premium CPAP devices. Available Now!

Published on October 26, 2022

6 minutes

#AskanExpert about our NEW Loewenstein CPAP devices. At VitalAire, we want to ensure that you have access to the newest devices on the market, and options for your individual obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) therapy needs. We offer CPAP devices with advanced features, comfort settings and digital connectivity to support your therapy. Devices offered at VitalAire are Health Canada approved and have undergone rigorous testing and clinical review before being recommended to our patients.

We are incredibly excited to launch the latest innovation from our German partner Löwenstein. Their new Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) devices come in two formats: a Fixed Pressure CPAP, and an Automatic Pressure adjustment device. This advanced technology is designed to deliver maximum comfort, regardless of your pressure settings and therapy needs. 

The Prisma SMART max and SOFT max offer:

  • Whisper-quiet sleep technology
  • Classic easy-to-read display
  • Simple user navigation
  • Detachable humidifier for easy travel
  • Unparalleled sleeping comfort with the pressure relief feature

The devices use a sophisticated algorithm, which enables different pressure settings built specific to your unique needs. For better comfort as you begin to fall asleep, the soft start feature slowly increases the pressure towards the desired pressure, creating a pressure ramp. To ensure comfort throughout the night, the pressure relief feature gently lowers the pressure delivered to you as you exhale—making it easier to breathe out against the air pressure.

Take a look at the devices’ top features by watching the unboxing video:

As a sleep apnea patient, you may have many questions for your respiratory therapist before getting started on a Prisma device. Here are few common questions answered by our clinical experts:


I want to change from my current CPAP device to a new Loewenstein? How will my therapy change?

Our clinicians will work with you to make the transition seamlessly from your previous device to a Loewenstein. Your clinician will set your CPAP pressure, explain how to use the device and ensure comfort by recommending the right mask for you. Clinicians are available to answer your questions about the device and/or sleep apnea therapy. Many of our patients have made the change to the Löwenstein device and here’s what they have to say:

“I love my new Löwenstein CPAP machine. Previously I had another machine which is also good but this Löwenstein machine is intuitive and so very quiet. When I put on the mask the machine starts on its own. It is so comfortable to use. Thank you.”

~Eleanor, Patient at VitalAire Canada

Is the new Loewenstein device quiet?

Loewenstein devices are the quietest CPAP machines available on the market. They offer whisper-quiet therapy allowing you and your partner to have a great night's sleep. Here is Kim’s experience with starting CPAP therapy:

“Although finding out I had severe sleep apnea, the process, people, and equipment to get me to a healthier place has been outstanding. The machine was certainly not what I expected, being so compact, quiet and easy to use. My support person Estela has been amazing with educating, supporting and following up.”

~Kim, Patient at VitalAire Canada

The device blends in well with your bedroom with its sleep design and an alarm clock appearance. 

Does the device include a humidifier?

Yes, both the Prisma CPAP and Auto devices include a detachable humidifier. Your CPAP treatment needs humidity because it makes you more comfortable and keeps your throat and nasal passages from getting dry or congested. Comfort from humidification will help you sleep throughout the night with the device. 

You may notice CPAP rainout or condensation in the tube that happens due to the difference in temperature in the tube and the air outside caused by humidification. You can overcome rainout by using a hose cover that insulates the tube.

Can I travel with the device?

The device and detachable-humidifier are light and easy to carry in your CPAP bag making it perfect for travel. Although the humidifier can be removed, we recommend that you take your humidifier with you if you are going on a trip lasting longer than a week for the best therapy results. 

The Prisma CPAP and Auto devices are compatible with the Medistrom Pilot 24 portable batteries that can be used while traveling. If you are planning to go camping in an RV, contact us to purchase a DC adaptor separately, so you can continue your therapy while enjoying nature’s beauty!

Which CPAP mask can I use with the Loewenstein Prisma PAP devices?

 The Loewenstein PAP devices have a universal hose that allows you to use any available mask with the device. We have a wide range of masks available for purchase including the full face, nasal, and pillow masks that can be suggested by our clinicians based on your therapy and comfort needs. Consult your VitalAire clinician for the best mask fit. 

The Prisma PAP devices include a specific feature known as sudden end leak index that helps clinicians to monitor if your sleep is disturbed by mouth breathing during sleep, waking you up frequently through the night. This measurement is calculated every hour by the device, which helps our clinicians in working with you to make any recommendations to improve your therapy. 

How can my healthcare provider monitor my therapy progress?

Your healthcare provider will be able to access your daily sleep reports through the Prisma cloud. Your sleep data is safely and securely transmitted through the cloud so clinicians can assess your AHI (Apnea-Hypopnea Index), compliance and leakage data. Measurement can help guide clinicians about your therapy success and adherence, so they can work with you to adjust your comfort settings. The device also stores 1 year’s worth of sleep data on the SD card serving as a backup.

“My clinician Maxwell was very professional in explaining the product and how it would help with my sleep apnea. He truly cared about my health and followed up with me to make sure the machine was working properly and see if I had any questions or concerns. A pleasure to deal with. I am very happy with my machine. It runs smoothly and efficiently and is very quiet. I am getting a good night's sleep and am waking up refreshed. Overall I am very happy with my Loewenstein device.” 

~Scot, Patient at VitalAire Canada


How can I purchase a Loewenstein PAP device?

VitalAire has CPAP devices in stock to support your therapy needs today. We have Loewenstein Prisma CPAP and APAP devices available for purchase across Canada. Whether you are newly diagnosed with OSA, or you are looking for a replacement device, our clinicians can support you. 

Please contact us to schedule an appointment at the closest VitalAire clinic so you can start your therapy on a Löwenstein Prisma PAP device today!